Mar. 20, 2016

: Doll Party Pennants

Hey guys! Today we're going to make a doll party pennants!  I've seen so many of these around the Internet and I thought it was time to make one! It will be perfect for a party or celebration! For this craft you will need: 




2 sheets of colored construction paper

Hole puncher


Glue or glue stick



Step 1: take a sheet of paper and fold it in half hot dog style. Cut three skinny triangles from it. Repeat for the other sheet of paper.

Step 2: Open your triangles up and you'll have skinny diamonds. Apply glue along the fold in the center of the diamond. Lay your string in the fold and fold the diamond over so youy have a triangle again. Repeat until all the pennants are strung. 

Step 3: Using your hole puncher, punch a design in each of the pennants or just do dots. I did random holes. 

And hang itup! You could also make one for yourself! Leave us a comment in the guestbook about what your dolls want at the Easter party next!  Happy crafting!