Mar. 21, 2016

Special request: Doll Sized Nerds

We'd like to give a shout-out to WillaDollSparkles! Thanks for the request! Happy crafting!

Today we're making doll Nerds! Dolls can't just have MnM's, right? As soon as the request came in, we knew this was a MUST!!! So we got to work and came up with some amazing candy! For this craft you'll need:

Nerds Printout (sorry, no link right now!)


Packing Tape


Optional * Cardstock


Step One: Print out your nerds box! You can use cardstock to make it stronger  and more like a box. Cut it out and cover it in packing tape.

Step Two: Fold along the lines. Use the tape to close all but one side.

Step Three: Fill the box with some beads so there will be "Nerds" inside. Tape the box closed.

Now you have Doll-Sized Nerds! Happy Crafting! Tell us on the Guestbook page if your dolls like Nerds!