Mar. 27, 2016

Review: Our Generation "Fine In Floral" Set!

Today we're doing our first review!!! Yay! But first off, Happy Easter everyone! But sadly, where I live, it rained. Anyway, you can get the Fine in Floral set in the Our Generation Isle at Target. This set has a lot of play value and you can't beat the price, considering how much more these items would be at American Girl. So let's get started!

The Glasses: They are pretty cute! They fit on the doll's face very well.  They are lavender, and they are in the cat-eye shape, which I like. They have a little bit of a goldish tint. They have decorative flower moulds in each corner.

The Hair Pins: They are so cute! But in my opinion, they are a little big for dolls. This is something Our Generation needs to fix. But they are easier for styling because big is always easier to handle. They have cute fake roses on the ends for decoration.

The Earrings: They are adorable! They fit Our Generation as well as American Girl dolls. They include purple roses, pink roses, and rhinestone hearts! (The rhinestones are fake of course.)

The Flower Hair Accesory: Thius is my favorite item from the set- it is SO ADORABLE! I have only seen these for girls so it's really nice to have one for your dolls to match! It is so fluffy and it is modern yet vintage and looks very fresh and springy.

The Rose Necklace: This is really cute! It is a lavender rose on a little chain. It makes a very pretty little doll necklace and the charm does come off, so you can use your American Girl Charms or charms from craft stores, or create a charm. The possibilities are endless!

The Hairbands: I don't have many of these, so these are GREAT additions to my collection! They are just like girl hairbands, but smaller. There are two lavenders and a pink one, personally I would have preferred two pinks and a lavender, because there is so much lavender in the set. But they are stll very cute and will not snag your doll's hair. Or your doll can wear them on her wrist! That's what I do all the time. :)

So I hope the review was helpful to those of you that are thinking about these sets but are not sure or have questions. Overall, this set has a lot of play value and you can do a lot with it. The price is fair- this retails for around $6.99, but it may vary by area. It may seem like a lot but considering AG pricing, most of this stuff is pretty reasonable. Happy Crafting!