Mar. 30, 2016

American Girl Trail Mix

American Girl trail mix has always been at the back of my mind. I fist saw it ing a set a few years back, and wanted to recreate it, but couldn't get it right. I abandoned the project, but I just remembered it today, as I was thinking about what doll food should be next! So I gave it another shot. I made my bag on a design site. But for this craft you'll need:


Trail Mix bag design (made from your design site of choice)

Packing tape


Beads (no specific color or type)

Step One: Cut out your printable and cover it completely in packaging tape. Then fold accoringly. Seal off the bottom and sides, but not the top.

Step Two: Fill it with as many beads desired. Tape off the top.

And your trail mix is comlete! It's perfect if your dolls are going hiking or you're packing snacks for a long car ride. 😉 Leave a comment on the Guestbook Page for what your dolls like to do to be active. Happy Crafting!