Apr. 7, 2016

Doll It Up: Glitz Up Your Lip Gloss!

So Today I'm showing you a craft that isn't for dolls, but for all the lip gloss lovers and chapstick addicts of the world! (I'm one of them.) So I was looking at my chapstick today and it looked so blah, plus the packaging and all that looked very eighties. So I got to work with some decrative tape and a few keychain attachments, and voila! A totally glitz little chapstick! Just wrap your tape around it so It's covered, and hot glue on a keychain piece if you want  a keychain!  I also used air dry clay, and shaped it around a circular lip gloss to make an adorable macaron lip balm! I glazed it a little to give it a smooth finish- and that way it won't crack. Genius! And now they are SO CUTE! No more eighties packaging! Yay!

So that's it for today's Doll It Up, and I hope you enjoyed! #becrafty :)

What chapstick, gloss, or lipstick is your fave? Tell us on the guestbook page!