Apr. 11, 2016

Baking Series: Part one

So we're starting a bakiing series. It all started one day when I thought, "wow, the doll kitchen is pretty bare. They have nothing to cook with." so I got to work. We came up with the 3 easy crafts for today you can make to help fill your doll's kitchen. and we would like to give a special thanks to Kate and Allison! They made a request of some things for Grace! These could totally be Grace things, and even though Grace is gone, I am still in love with her stuff. So let's get started! You'll need:

A glue stick and another cap from a stick

Hot glue gun and Hot Glue

2 small pieces of cloth, and felt

A canning jar lid

Patterned paper

Mod Podge

For the Rolling Pin: take your glue stick, and on the end without a cap, appy hot glue and press on your cap from another glue stick. Then cover everything except the caps on each end in patterned paper. And you're done!

For the Plate: Take your canning lid and carefully shap your paper to fit on it. Glue it down. You can add a decoration, (I added a heart) or leave it plain. And now you have a plate! you can make more than one if you want a set.

For the Hot Pad: Take your two fabric scraps and hot glue on three sides, wrong side out, and then turn it right side out. pit a square of felt inside. Glue it closed and then you can add a little loop of felt for a hanging loop. And now you're done!

More baking things are soon, such as some treats! So stay tuned, and #becrafty!