Apr. 16, 2016

DIY For You: Stress Balls!

So I said I would show you some things to make for you! So today we're making stress balls!!!!! OMG, these are so easy to make and so fun to play with! I am showing you three types. They are the Basic Baloon ball, the "Disease" ball and the the Flour Ball. So let's get started! You'll need:

Baloons in color of choice


Ziploc Bags

Netting (from bags fruits or veggies come in)



*Optionals: Food coloring, a Sharpie*

For the Basic Baloon Ball:

Take a baloon in the color of your choice. In a bowl, mix 1/2 a bottle of glue and water with 1 teaspoon borax dissoved. BE REALLY CAREFUL- DO NOT ADD TOO MUCH BORAX!!! Add some regular water to the glue and stir. then add a teeny bit of the borax solution, about a tablespoon. mix it all together and knead it with your hands. Now, with the slime you made, use a funnel to fill the baloon. Use a sharpie to poke it down inside if needed. tie off your baloon.


For the Flour Ball:

take around 5 tablespoons of flour and put it in a plastic bag. Twist the po and set it aside. all the flour should be in one corner of it. take a baloon and cut off the top part. Wrap it around your bag of flour. You should have a ball. Take another baloon, cut  off the top, and stretch it around the first ball to cover the hole. And your ball is complete!


For the "diseased" ball:

Make the Basic Baloon ball (above.) Tie off one end of the bag and insert the ball in the other. then stretch the netting reasonably tight around and tie it off. And you're done!