Jun. 20, 2016

New American Girl Doll Line: Wellie Wishers

the Bitty Twins are a popular American Girl line of dolls for small girls or even boys. But over the years, the American Girl company has recieved a lot of requests from customers to introduce a line of regular dolls for younger girls. So we now know about Wellie Wishers- the newest American Girl products. Here's a few specs:

-These dolls are 16" tall

-Their bodies are made from all vinyl

-They have wigs just like the Truly Me and Historical Dolls

-Their eyes do not open and close

American Girl will also be releasing a variety of specialty clothing and acessories to go with the dolls. Each doll has a outdoor theme. These dolls are geared towards the age group of 4 -7 year olds. These dolls are ideal in my mind for young girls who know how to take care of their Bitty Baby and are ready to "Graduate" to a real doll. I feel that the lips and mouth are very alike to regular 18 inch dolls. The all vinyl body will be easy for young children to take care of and play with, without worrying about staining their doll or getting it wet. Another upside is the hair, which is like the normal AG dolls, perfect for styling and playing with! But the downside is that the hair could get tangled and dirty during play.

The Wellie Wishers will be replacing the Bitty Twins dolls. I'm very excited to see the new doll line that will come out in just three days! Be sure to go to americangirl.com to watch their video on these new dolls or head over to AmericanGirlIdeas.com to take a look at their descriptions! We can't wait to see them in stores!