Jun. 23, 2016

Wecoming the Wellie Wishers!

The new American Girl line the Wellie Wishers came out recently and we got to see a lot of new products and meet all the dolls, as well as see some doll-girl outfits. the dolls are so cute and all the bright, fresh colors really make these dolls pop. The dolls are:







They all have such cute names! they also sell a variety of clothing and extras for little girs, like boots, socks, look-a-like outfits, pajamas, and more. The dolls have a lot of cute accesories that you can buy seperarately. Everything from this line is so adorable. Acessories sets:

Wellie Wishers Playhouse

Garden Theater Stage

Garden Party Table and Chairs

Nature Explorer Set

Ocean Treasures Set

Tea For Two Party Set

Make-It-Great Playset

Giggles and Grins Playset

Berry Sweet Snack Stand

Carrot (Pet Bunny) and Hutch

And they are also selling a line of jewelry for girls. The jewelry is ina variety of cute shapes and themes. All things in the new Wellie Wishers line is very cute, and we can't wait to see theirs appear in the catolouge!