Jul. 6, 2016

Check Your Mailboxes! The American Girl Catologue Is Here!

Hey guys! Quick update- the American Girl Catologue came in the mail July 5th. I'm not sure if you got it the same day I did, so here's a peek:

-The entire WellieWishers collection is in the front.

-The Bitty Baby Section has some new summer products and outfits

-The Truly Me section has some amazing new camping gear, plus cute and sporty outfits.

-Lea's Celebration Outfit is featured

-Julie's Page now includes her bed, pet bunny, and vanity.

-Maryellen's Seaside Diner is shown, which I love

and that's it, I want you to see the rest for yourself. :) I could go on all day. I could make an entire blog about this. Also, check out their stuff online and get more photos and 3-D views.

One more thing- the last road trip post was today, July 6. Go on over and check it out and comment with any questions or comments in the guestbook.