Jun. 6, 2016

Prep for the Perfect Road Trip: Part One

I love road trips. Wait, scratch that- I love getting there. No, not the driving. Definitely not. Sadly, I have been too idealistic sometimes, thinking that we will all get along and have family time. Apparently not. Reality: everyone's hungry, someone forgot to go at the rest stop, it's too hot for someone but too cold for another. Oh yes, my dreams of a perfect road trip are over as soon as we pull out of the driveway. But you can't just cut out the driving part. So...what are we going to DO???

Make stuff, of course!!! First part to a not so crazy and annoying road trip is...planning! I know it sounds boring but it will make 12 hours in a car much easier. Let me show you where to start.

We are going to DIY a little planner. Some items you will need are a few pens and an empty binder. Just print out the pages from the link and punch some holes in them, and put them in the binder. Fill in the blanks and lists. Your easy planner is complete! Add a front page if you want. See, that wasn't so hard or boring! I was very surprised, and now I'm thinking, "this is so easy! Why did I not do this before?" 

I hope it helped! And yay, this is the first post on the new page of the blog!!!