Jun. 9, 2016

Make Stunning Crayon Art!

Last night, I found an old canvas and immediately an ideas for some sort of art comes to mind. I have been looking about the beautiful crayon art I have seen on various websites and knew that now was the time to make it. Let's do this thing!


-Box of crayons (Crayola brand works best.)

-Hot Glue Gun

-Canvas (any size)

-Hair Dryer


To start, select the crayons you want to use. I made a straight line of crayons at the top of my canvas in rainbow order. Hot glue them all in place.


Once they are attached to your canvas, use a hairdryer to gradually melt the crayons. After about one minute of heating, you should see the crayons melt. Tilt the canvas so the streams of wax go down the canvas and mix together.

And you're done!