Jun. 11, 2016

Prep for the Perfect Road Trip: Part Two: Tips and Tricks

Wow. There are so many things I wish I had known before I took what would have been an awesome vacation. But of course they still were, but there would have been less mishaps if I had thought it through more. So now, since our family vacation is approaching, I WILL be prepared! And I hope you will be too with some Tips + Tricks! (Based on my mistakes. ;) )

1. Pack smart. If you bring too much, it's no fun lugging your stuffaround. But if you bring too little, you wind up cold, getting rained on, or going to a party in a pair of baggy jeans. So try to bring things that layer well.  That way, you can stay warm or cool and have a variety of outfits. Also bring a few scarves, because they can easily change up a boring outfit or just in case you have to wear the same thing as yesterday. 


2. Snacks, snacks, snacks!!! Bring a lot of snacks. Bring more than you need. If you run out, or don't bring an, 15 minutes into the drive, you have a starving, raging little monster in the backseat.


3. The Always Chilled water technique. Awesome. It works awesome. Just fill your regular water bottle and chill it in the fridge for 15 minutes. Then throw some disposable water bottes in the cooler. (Make sure they're filled!) At the next stop, if your water is warm, just dump it out and replace it with the cold water form one of the bottles in the cooler.


4. Roll, don't fold. Everyone says it, but I must reitterate- rolling gives you more room in your suitcase or duffel. But make sure to roll tightly, and use a rubber band to secure the rolls if needed.


5. Stock up on apps. On those long stretches of open road, your kids won't be satisfied staring out the window for 10 hours. So stock up on the apps and let them go at it. I know, I know, it's a lot of screen time, but it's only for a day.


6. Bring blankets and pillows. Sometimes you just want to take a nap. So bring your blanket and pillow. Allow kids to roll up and bring one blanket and one pillow each. I reccomend bringing a rectangular pillow, because they fit up against a car window easier.

7. Dress for the drive. Don't wear a dress, or those spike heels. And leave the tight shorts behind. When you're sitting for a long time, it's nice to be cool and comfy. Wear a nice, soft, loose t- shirt. wear your comfy sweats or sport shorts. When you're picking a shirt to wear, it would be best to get one that is personalized, with a school team name or a brightly colored shirt, so everyone knows it's you.


8. Don't forget a few essentials! Pick put a roomy but not bulky bag to tote your entertainment. Bring sunglasses and lip balm!!! And I have never regretted bringing those on the go tissue packs. Bring an extra shirt just in case. Make sure you don't forget chargers for your phones and tablets! And last, but not least...