Jun. 19, 2016

Perfect Road Trip: Road Trip Survival Kit

of course we all need one of these! For those long stretches on the road, a definite must is a little survival kit. Make sure everyone has one of these sanity-saving kits. Let's get started with what you'll need in it!

-Gum (Mint is good. Extra* brand doesn't lose its flavor so fast.)

-Your Phone (Google maps, gaming, and catching up!)

-Some $1 bills. (You never know!)

-A pillow. ( I use a fun emoji one. If you want an emoji pillow, I will include links above. But i got mine at Walmart for $4.)

-A Notepad and Pens. (for drawing and notes.)

-Headphones/earbuds.  (Don't drive everyone insane.)

-Kleenex Mini Packs (Not just for colds!)

And you'll need something to put these knick knacks in! Use a plastic pencil box or tote. Something small and not too heavy. Survive that trip!