Jul. 2, 2016

Prep for the Perfect Road Trip: Part 5: Packing It Right

There is nothing  worse on a road trip than overpacking. One moment something is in your suitcase, and the next moment, "where's the toothpaste?" or a kid is crying because they left their stuffed animal in the bathroom at QuikTrip. And then someone starts getting upset because they left their favorite shirt on the bench at the rest stop. And then everything is officially a hot mess and the drive becomes a disaster. BUT- you can prevent it! By not overpacking. With our family road trip fast approaching, we will definetely be following some of these tips. Here's a few:

-Avoid packing extras. You want to enjoy the scenery on your trip. So forget the extra iPad or the ten books you think you might read. And avoid that parka "just in case it happedns to snow in july."

-Pack clothes that layer well. That way you pack less shirts, less jackets, less everything.

-Choose your clothes according to the weather. If you pack bulky pants and jackets when you do't need them, not only will you have to remember them when you get back, but you'll have half your duffel taken up with those puffy coats.

-Bring less food in the cooler, if possible. The less food you have the carry, the better. if you are willing to eat out, great! And don't forget, wherever you are going, there will probably be a grocery store. So don't try and carry your whole pantry with you.

-Don't pack too many cosmetics. You won't need them. You won't want them.

-But don't pack too little. Otherwise, you will be stuck without things you need. I advise to really think about and plan what you need ahead of time. Make lists and even begin packing days before.

Have fun!