Aug. 14, 2016

Important Announcement/Update

I love, and I want to give a HUGE thank you to our audience for making these past months some of the happiest I've had. I loved fullfilling requests for crafts, reviewing products, and having so much fun creating AG products. When the blog started, around Easter 2016, I poured my best work into this site, and I loved it. It was like a full time job, but a fun, full time job- a labor of love. But I wanted to expand past AG crafting. So many crafts I want to make are not related to that one topic. And there were problems with the blog. There wasn't an easy way to comment on a post. Adding photos and videos was diffucult. And I felt that my first page was inadiquate, not displaying any of the latest posts, and i feel that made it hard for viewers to view crafts. The blog seemed a little hard to navigate. It just wasn't meeting the needs I or my viewers had. So, I am leaving behind.



I will no longer be posting on the site. As much as I loved my time with this website, I think it's time to leave it behind and start a new chapter in my life. I have decided to take what I have learned and start fresh. Of course, you can still go back and reread previous posts or create something from one of them. :) I hope that this isn't a dissapointment. I thank you all very much  for making the blog what it is, but it is tiem for new inspiration and a new chapter. I wish you all the best.

I hope that perhaps this blog was an inspiration for you to begin a website also. My goal when starting the website was to inspire you to also create things. And my highest hope is that one of those things is a website of your own. Thank you for all the replies, the support, and the kindnes you have provided. I will remmember you all for a long, long time.

So now it is time to give up the website. But I will start a new one someday. I hope you find it. I will try to provide the name on comments pages of websites. Speaking of websites, be sure to check out:

Thank you for everything guys! Check these out, they're really nice websites! Bye, and be crafty,

The Crafty Chick